There is no Kindness without Trust

dog-dalai-lama-quoteLike a starving stray dog too scared to accept food and water, we are becoming a society so distrustful of each other that we can no longer accept the generosity being offered to us nor reach out our hand for fear of being bitten.

If we go online, turn on the TV, or read a paper, we find so many reasons

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We’ve spent the last year filming and now we need your help to share the kindnesses we’ve found!  Check out our GoGetFunding page and make a small contribution to ensure these stories get told!

Our campaign goal is to have at least 50,000 people donate to show there is an interest in our series and to send a message to Hollywood that you don’t view your only future as a dystopian zombie apocalypse!

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Heading Back Home

Its been an incredible year and we’ve traveled from one coast to the other.  After spending some time on the east coast, we are now getting ready to head back out west!  We originally thought we could edit this show and publish as we went, but we quickly learned that was not our path. We are about to launch our Go Fund Me GoGetFunding campaign to help finish this project and to get the show out!

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